Monday 10 September 2018

Nestle Attracts Customers With Its Playful Custom Cereal Packaging

Nestle wows us again with its custom cereal packaging for its Cheerios cereals! As of now, Nestle is the largest food and beverage company in the world. They are well-know for producing healthy yet tasty cereals all over the world. What better way to promote its product and widen your customer audience than with the use of custom retail packaging?

Nestle Attracts Customers With Its Playful Custom Cereal Packaging 

What makes Nestle's Custom Cereal Packaging stand out?

  • Stimulating Sales. The cereal packaging stands out to the general audience because of its Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom design. The Jurassic Park movie series are extremely popular and with the release of a new Jurassic World film this June 2018, the hype has been re-ignited. This Movie Marketing can help you increase your profitability as you can free ride from the movie's popularity which attracts young and old customers. This is because it is a classic film that brings nostalgia.
  • Customer Loyalty. Existing customers are more likely to remain loyal. This is because they are sparking their customers' interests. This means that their continuous repeated purchasing behaviours will be more probable and may even be willing to pay more.
  • Playful Packaging. On the back of this promotional movie packaging, you can see the iconic dinosaur from Jurassic Park. This is a really fun idea because the user it allows the user to cut the dinosaur. After that, adults can turn it into a hand puppet which children can play with. This cut-out packaging appeals particularly to children and with their pester power, it can boost your revenues! This is an efficient way of utilising your cardboard packaging, making your customers believe that they are getting more.

What could be better?

In order to appeal to a wider market and attract sales, it is better if Nestle also use the other dinosaurs and turn it into collectible promos. This would surely increase the sales for this product as kids would want to collect all of them. It is also a good idea if Nestle offers a Gift with Purchase for this cereal to really grab people's attention. Check out Thumb Wrestler Toy – Promotions by Cereal Companies for example.

If you need more food packaging solutions to attract more attention and boost your sales, contact us at ODM Group. We are more than happy to help you blast off your new project! Our in-house design team, Mindsparkz, can create unique designs that will suit and capture your brand's style. With the help of our merchandising team, we can produce something high quality but still fit your marketing budget.

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