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3 Reasons Why Pokémon's New Release Collection Makes Fans Go "Gotta Get 'Em All!"

For its 25th anniversary, the Pokémon franchise has announced collaborations with different brands for special promotions and merchandise. The commemoration will be full of teasers and surprising announcements that will definitely hype Pokémon fans worldwide throughout the year. 

In line with this year-long celebration, Pokémon has teamed up with Zavvi, an e-commerce entertainment retail store that allows fans and collectors to purchase limited-edition movies, official merchandise, and the latest steel backs. This collaboration features three clothing items dedicated to the beloved character Pikachu. 

Photo credits: digitalspy.com

The collection includes a black-and-white hoodie, a white sweatshirt, and a yellow t-shirt. 

Photo credits: zavvi.com
Photo credits: zavvi.com

Photo credits: zavvi.com

These custom promotional products might sound simple, but these items had been sold fast since the release. Apparently, this collaboration has made fans and collectors raving! Wondering how potent wearable merchandise is? Here are 3 reasons why we think this collection got shoppers "gotta get 'em all!" and why you should choose this merchandise in your next movie promotions!

First, wearable merchandise is definitely high-utilized custom promotional items. Consumers will definitely love an item they can use in their daily lives and feature their favorite character. With the wide and expanding fan base of this franchise, this kind of merchandise will be the talk of the town. Teaming up with a renowned entertainment brand also provides assurance that the merchandise produced is of top quality.

Second, fans definitely love the premium advantage that this collection offers. Undoubtedly, nothing can compare to the happiness that official merchandise can give. Through this collaboration, the Pokémon franchise extends a premium advantage that its fans can greatly enjoy. It provides a distinction and wonderful feeling for people who purchase this merchandise.

Lastly, these official wearable items are great promotional merchandise for the year-long celebration. As it varies from a hoodie, sweatshirt, and t-shirt— fans can certainly enjoy them in any season. Offering them merchandise that they can use with the ever-changing weather conditions will prompt a positive purchase decision.

This promotional strategy is one of the ideal movie marketing ideas that are astounding and unique. Choosing this merchandise can catch the attention of movie fans and collectors out there! The collection has certainly made them go "gotta got 'em all!" It leaves a remarkable and personalized impact on their customers, gaining acknowledgment and awareness for your brand.

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