Thursday 7 June 2018

Doraemon Promotes its Movie through discounted Promotional Tote Bags

The first Doraemon movie can be traced back to the 1980s. Since then, they have not stopped producing new movies every once in a while. But, what makes this franchise so successful? It has something to do with the efforts made by Doraemon's brilliant marketing team.

One noticeable campaign that was launched by this franchise was their purchase with purchase promotional tote bags. For every HK$150 spent, this entitles the customer to purchase a discounted Doraemon - themed promotional tote bag for only HK$30. That's about USD 4 and so this campaign quickly gained traction with customers. 

Why Do We Love these Promotional Tote Bags?

  • Their designs are really cute and appeal mostly to the younger consumers. They didn't limit their designs. Instead, they offer a variety of designs wherein people may choose and even collect all designs. Consumers love cute items such as these promotional tote bags.
  • Producing such promotional items doesn't necessarily mean a huge marketing budget. These items are cheap yet effective. The materials used to produce these promotional tote bags can be locally sourced. But if you need a hassle-free process to get these items, simply contact ODM so they can help you ASAP.
  • Getting discounts on your regular purchases is better than products that offer nothing. Consequently, this makes the product more appealing since consumers will most likely prefer something that offers incentives.

The use of promotional tote bags has tremendously benefited the Doraemon Franchise. They have gained enormous exposure. Hence, attracting a huge following. 

If you want to learn more about how promotional products can raise brand awareness, contact us today. We specialize in designing, sourcing, and manufacturing promotional gifts as well as great promotional tote bags.

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