Tuesday 2 October 2018

2 Incredibly Interesting Movie Marketing Gift Ideas

Co-branding is a widely used promotional method by many companies. In this promotional method, two brands are being promoted at once. This is especially helpful for marketing movies. Production studios can strike a deal with other brands to promote their movies more effectively by giving away freebies or gift with purchase and marketing gifts. Two of the best move marketing gift ideas are gwp promotional figurine from Lynx and complimentary customized cup by Soltan.

Here's What Set Them Apart

How A Promotional Figurine Can Boost In Store Sales – Lynx and Marvel Collaboration

Lynx just recently co-branded with Marvel Comics as part of their latest brand campaign. The beauty brand is giving away limited edition Avengers promotional figurine. Customers will get an on-pack figurine with every purchase of their Body Wash. 

How A Promotional Figurine Can Boost In Store Sales – Lynx and Marvel Collaboration

Marvel connects with customers in a more personal level as the figurines are long lasting thus, extends brand engagement and exposure. These are collectible items that kids and kids at heart will truly love. Giving free items to consumers is a great way to encourage them to purchase more and support the movie at the same time

Complimentary Customized Plastic Cup: A Simple Strategy to Boost Sales

Soltan, on the other hand, is offering a free customized plastic cup with Pixar's The Incredibles 2 design. This is perfect for every day use. Moreover, it is a simple reminder to customers to keep their bodies hydrated and protected from the sun.

"Have an Incredible Summer" is a fun tagline that they added. It definitely increased brand recall. For this one, offering a product that complements their summer promotion gives customers a reason to make a purchase. This is because it establishes the fact that they need to protect their skin and health from the harsh sun.

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