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Lego Batman The Movie Wows Everyone With Their Custom Standee

Lego Batman The Movie informs movie fanatics of their newest movie installment through this incredible custom standee. The marketing team of the movie strategically placed these standees at various cinemas across Asia. 

Well, what makes this promotional item more interesting is its structure. Incredibly, this standee is actually interactive. The team behind the movie's marketing assures everyone that this isn't just your typical movie marketing. Instead of the traditional 2D retail display standee, they've created something that is interactive. 

Lego Batman The Movie Wows Everyone With Their Custom Standee

Movie-goers may revolve the standee and match the head, body, and legs of the characters. They can even go wild and match it the body of another character. This creates a totally new character!

Why do we think this custom standee from Lego Batman is amazing?

  • Creative and Fun - Admittedly, I had so much fun revolving the standee. It successfully got everyone's attention and it made us spent several minutes interacting with it. Therefore, we highly recommend this custom standee as it is really effective when it comes to catching everyone attention.
  • Customisable - Obviously, standees are highly customisable. This is the reason why a lot of movie marketing teams utilise this kind of promotion. It's easy, promising, and effective.
  • Full Branding - We love how the team brands these custom cardboard standups at every angle. Printing the major characters on the standee helps a lot with the promotion. As a result, customers immediately recognise the movie even from afar. 
Overall, we adore this creative promotional campaign from The Lego Barman The Movie. It brings excitement to every movie fanatic. This type of standee leaves a good impression with everyone. 

If you would like to create your first-ever standee, feel free to contact us. Also, our team of experts is always ready to answer all your manufacturing and marketing queries.

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2 Incredibly Interesting Movie Marketing Gift Ideas

Co-branding is a widely used promotional method by many companies. In this promotional method, two brands are being promoted at once. This is especially helpful for marketing movies. Production studios can strike a deal with other brands to promote their movies more effectively by giving away freebies or gift with purchase and marketing gifts. Two of the best move marketing gift ideas are gwp promotional figurine from Lynx and complimentary customized cup by Soltan.

Here's What Set Them Apart

How A Promotional Figurine Can Boost In Store Sales – Lynx and Marvel Collaboration

Lynx just recently co-branded with Marvel Comics as part of their latest brand campaign. The beauty brand is giving away limited edition Avengers promotional figurine. Customers will get an on-pack figurine with every purchase of their Body Wash. 

How A Promotional Figurine Can Boost In Store Sales – Lynx and Marvel Collaboration

Marvel connects with customers in a more personal level as the figurines are long lasting thus, extends brand engagement and exposure. These are collectible items that kids and kids at heart will truly love. Giving free items to consumers is a great way to encourage them to purchase more and support the movie at the same time

Complimentary Customized Plastic Cup: A Simple Strategy to Boost Sales

Soltan, on the other hand, is offering a free customized plastic cup with Pixar's The Incredibles 2 design. This is perfect for every day use. Moreover, it is a simple reminder to customers to keep their bodies hydrated and protected from the sun.

"Have an Incredible Summer" is a fun tagline that they added. It definitely increased brand recall. For this one, offering a product that complements their summer promotion gives customers a reason to make a purchase. This is because it establishes the fact that they need to protect their skin and health from the harsh sun.

Did you find these ideas interesting? Why not speak with us to know more about your promotional product options? Or browse through our blogs for more exciting ideas?

Nestle Attracts Customers With Its Playful Custom Cereal Packaging

Nestle wows us again with its custom cereal packaging for its Cheerios cereals! As of now, Nestle is the largest food and beverage company in the world. They are well-know for producing healthy yet tasty cereals all over the world. What better way to promote its product and widen your customer audience than with the use of custom retail packaging?

Nestle Attracts Customers With Its Playful Custom Cereal Packaging 

What makes Nestle's Custom Cereal Packaging stand out?

  • Stimulating Sales. The cereal packaging stands out to the general audience because of its Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom design. The Jurassic Park movie series are extremely popular and with the release of a new Jurassic World film this June 2018, the hype has been re-ignited. This Movie Marketing can help you increase your profitability as you can free ride from the movie's popularity which attracts young and old customers. This is because it is a classic film that brings nostalgia.
  • Customer Loyalty. Existing customers are more likely to remain loyal. This is because they are sparking their customers' interests. This means that their continuous repeated purchasing behaviours will be more probable and may even be willing to pay more.
  • Playful Packaging. On the back of this promotional movie packaging, you can see the iconic dinosaur from Jurassic Park. This is a really fun idea because the user it allows the user to cut the dinosaur. After that, adults can turn it into a hand puppet which children can play with. This cut-out packaging appeals particularly to children and with their pester power, it can boost your revenues! This is an efficient way of utilising your cardboard packaging, making your customers believe that they are getting more.

What could be better?

In order to appeal to a wider market and attract sales, it is better if Nestle also use the other dinosaurs and turn it into collectible promos. This would surely increase the sales for this product as kids would want to collect all of them. It is also a good idea if Nestle offers a Gift with Purchase for this cereal to really grab people's attention. Check out Thumb Wrestler Toy – Promotions by Cereal Companies for example.

If you need more food packaging solutions to attract more attention and boost your sales, contact us at ODM Group. We are more than happy to help you blast off your new project! Our in-house design team, Mindsparkz, can create unique designs that will suit and capture your brand's style. With the help of our merchandising team, we can produce something high quality but still fit your marketing budget.

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Despicable Me and Secret Life of Pets Boost Brand Reach With Custom Toiletry Gift Sets

Despicable Me and The Secret Life of Pets are two of the most popular movies for kids today. They have also released exclusive movie merchandise to promote their movies across wide demographics. Just recently, they released their own line of toiletries complete with eye-catching box packaging.

Despicable Me and Secret Life of Pets Boost Brand Reach With Custom Toiletry Gift Sets

Each boxed gift set is nicely-packaged and branded. Despicable Me gift set contains one bath gel anad one shampoo-conditioner with sponge as gift with purchaseThe Secret Life of Pets gift set includes one liquid bath soap, one shampoo-conditioner, and a free promotional figurine.

Despicable Me and Secret Life of Pets Boost Brand Reach With Custom Toiletry Gift Sets

What we love about their promotion is their use of custom retail packaging and on-pack gifts. They gained lots of advertising benefits from putting together a toiletry collection. So, how did the gift set helped their movie marketing strategy?

Benefits of Using a Custom Toiletry Gift Set:

  • Practical Products Attract More Customers: Customers are always looking for great deals. Moreover, with all the items they need inside the pack, customers don't have to scan the grocery shelves for these items, saving them time and energy.
  • Familiar Designs Stand Out on Shelves: Since The Secret Life of Pets and Despicable Me are popular among kids and adults, the products did stand out on the shelves. The packaging alone compel customers to make a purchase.
  • Furthers Brand Engagement: With exclusive merchandise, they make a stronger impression on their viewers. Thus, it increases viewership and sales on other merchandise. Moreover, it encourages young kids to take care of their bodies.
  • Incentivizes Customers: The free on-pack gifts serve as rewards for purchasing. In turn, customers may give back by buying the DVD or watching the next movie installment.

We certainly love how Despicable Me and Secret Life of Pets spread good vibes through their custom retail merchandise. They help increase viewership, retain interests, anmd increase sales!

Should nyou need help for your own promotional projects, contact ODM! we can help from product brainstorming sessions to product design, to actual manufacturing of promotional products.

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Magazine Advertising with In Pack Gifts for Movie Buffs

Star Wars and Marvel got their young fans exciting collectible merchandise. Marvel Heroes magazine's Special Movie Gift Issue included an in pack gift- Dart Blaster Toy - while Star Wars included 2 foam rebel gliders, Boba Fett collectable figurine, 2 posters as gifts with purchase. The Kiddie magazines were spotted at a UK books and stationery store.

Magazine Advertising with In Pack Gifts for Movie Buffs

Utilising their magazines to promote their upcoming movies is certainly one of the best ways to reach out to their target market. We believe that magazine advertising can further improve brand awareness and the inclusion of gifts with purchase enhances brand interaction. Here's why:

  • It's tangible and can sustain the excitement of  fans as they anticipate the release of the new magazine issue and the movie.
  • Moreover, the addition of toys and other exclusive merchandise make the fans even more eager to watch the movie.
  • The promotional toys certainly make great collectible items because they were given away as a special gift. In time, their value will increase and will be considered as a limited edition item.
  • We are certain there are special articles and interviews about the upcoming movies in the magazines that are not published online. As such, getting this special issue is like allowing customers into a secret, making them want to watch the movie even more.
Magazine Advertising with In Pack Gifts for Movie Buffs

In conclusion, we believe that marketing movies through magazines and the use of in-pack gifts can help in their promotion. Although the invention of internet makes it possible to replay past interviews and show articles about the movie, nothing can beat the feeling of owning a copy of a magazine that featured their favorite movie, complete with exclusive merchandise and never before seen interviews/photos of their favorite characters. The excitement that comes with anticipating the next issue is priceless! Unlike TV, printed magazines can be kept and reread every once in a while. And when they're not connected to the internet, they can just flip through the pages of the magazine and enjoy reading.

If you want to learn more about marketing movies with promotional products, please check out our blog. We have hundreds of case studies that you might find interesting. You may also visit The ODM Group website to see some of our previous projects and thousands of case studies that might help your business promotions.

Despicable Me 3 Wowed Customers with Exciting Contest Giveaways

Last year, Despicable Me 3 had collaborated with Weetabix Cereal to promote their latest movie installment. Despicable Me had set up an on-pack contest where customers got a chance to win high quality contest giveaways.

Despicable Me 3 Wowed customers with Exciting Contest Giveaways

Joining the contest was easy. All the customers had to do was find their unique code in their cereal boxes. Then they would need to visit weetabix.co.uk and finally enter their code for a chance of winning hourly prizes. Remote controlled drone, flying unicorn, and night vision goggles were up for grabs.

Despicable Me 3 Wowed customers with Exciting Contest Giveaways

We love this movie marketing tactic because:

  • Appealing: Weetabix and Despicable Me are popular among kids and kids at heart, more so the customer incentives being given away. This is important when building a solid fan base.
  • Items are of High Quality: The products are more high end and can be seen as worth the few dollars they spent on their cereals.
  • Encourages Healthy Eating: Kids can be very picky sometimes. The prizes serve as a unique incentive for kids to eat and finish their cereals. This way, they are compelled to buy a new box of cereals until they win.
  • Associate the Film and Cereal Brand with Cool Gifts: The excitement that comes with entering online contests drives customers to buy more! Moreover, even after the contest, their experience will get them to associate the brands with cool gifts!
  • Fun and Engaging: Such promotions are fun and engaging as it involves active participation in the part of customers. This means continuing exposure to the brands from the time they purchased their box of cereals until they win despicable Me's exclusive merchandise.
In conclusion, this promotional strategy by Weetabix and Despicable Me 3 is truly effective and compelling. If you want to achieve the same success, contact ODM  today.

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Star Wars Promotional Movie Packaging for Boosting Sales

Many brands use promotional movie packaging to attract more people to buy. They do this by stimulating their interests. Using promotional movie packaging may help businesses' profitability to increase. An example below is from Nestle used to appeal to Star Wars fans through in-store marketing.

Promotional Movie Packaging for Boosting Sales 

How Beneficial is Promotional Movie Packaging?

  • Stimulating Sales. The packaging stands out more as it has images from a well-known movie, Star Wars. Customers buy more if they have interest on the movie and may potentially be more willing to pay more.
  • Customer Loyalty. Existing customers are more likely to remain loyal. This is because they are sparking their customers' interests. This means that their continuous repeated purchasing behaviours will be more probable.
  • Finer Brand Remembrance. Using promotional movie packaging may help customers remember the brand more. This is because of its distinctive designs that use Star Wars assets. On the photo below, the promotion of the movie is smaller than the Nestle's logo. It is more likely that they will retain information about the brand more. As a result, this may potentially encourage customers to buy the same brand whenever they shop for cereals.
  • Additional Customers. Customers unfamiliar with the movie may feel curious and buy the cereal. However, this is not only because of its visual impact. It can be because of its gift with purchase (lightsaber). This helps to be more appealing, specifically to children. Most children do not have the buying power to buy it on their own. On the other hand, they have pester power which can be useful in this scenario. Lastly, a clip is a part of the free gift to keep the cereal fresh after opening. This can be attractive to the general audience because it adds convenience.
Promotional Movie Packaging for Boosting Sales 


In conclusion, using promotional movie packaging has several advantages. It benefits the company in terms of sales and brand image. Above all, it also benefits their customers. It helps them recognise the brand more, especially if they like the movie on the packaging.
Want to produce your own promotional movie packaging like this? Please contact The ODM Group to make an inquiry on promotional products and we'll make sure that you will be delighted with the results! To know more about our other services, please click for promotional product service.