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Movie Merchandise Reinforced Star Wars Marketing

If you check your local grocery stores, you'll find a host of movie merchandise on shelves and checkout counters. The use of custom branded merchandise for promoting movies is a surefire way to expand your marketing reach. Gifts with purchase and on-pack promotions allow you to make lasting impact on customers even after the movie has been released. Take, for example, these movie merchandise by Star Wars (The Force Awakens).

Star Wars' limited-edition Lightup Toothbrush is a truly unique product that will make one want to buy and collect them. Star Wars has teamed up with Firefly for this promotional product. They did a great job collaborating with other brands to make sure their movie will get massive exposure.

With so many brands competing for shelf space, it could be hard to really stand out. What Star Wars and Firefly did was create a freestanding display and position it along the aisle for people to see. This way, shoppers will know that they are offering limited edition movie merchandise.

To further learn more about their winning strategy, we listed below the things we love about their game plan.

POS Display

Here you can see Firefly and Star Wars' unique Lightsaber toothbrush stacked neatly in their custom POS display. The 3-tier shelf is smaller than the average POS display but the Star Wars designs are remarkable.

Made out of corrugated cardboard, the POS display is lightweight so it's easy to transport anywhere inside the shop. Since kids are the target audience, the display is just the perfect height. This makes the products accessible to them so kids can touch and examine the light up toothbrush. And this is good because the more they touch and feel the items, the more they are encouraged to acquire those merch.

The sides and the beams are also branded so that customers coming from either sides will easily recognize the movie.

Custom Retail Merchandise

Star Wars and Firefly worked together to deliver this limited edition toothbrush to their market. This strategy is called brand licensing wherein brand A allows Brand B to use their trademarked designs or characters to gain more customers. Did you know that Star Wars is the biggest licensor in the world? And this toothbrush is just one of the many products they have produced with another brand. Below, we share why this toothbrush is an excellent custom retail merchandise:

  • More Customers - This is a great way for both brands to gain wider customer base. 

  • Lasting Power - With Star Wars' success, Firefly will gain massive brand recognition as well. Likewise, Star Wars become an invaluable part of their viewers' every day life. 

  • Brand Conversion - Having Star Wars designed on each of the toothbrush is a great way to stimulate brand conversion. Fans of the movie who haven't used Firefly before may be compelled to try the toothbrush and eventually become loyal customers. 

  • Improves Oral Hygiene - It's important to teach kids the importance of good oral hygiene but encouraging them to brush their teeth can be very challenging. But using popular movie characters may encourage them to pick the toothbrush up. They might enjoy using the toothbrush if they are from their favorite movie.

In conclusion, Star Wars was able to touch even their youngest viewers with their promotional toothbrush. The movie will always be remembered even after its release. Furthermore, collectors would certainly love to purchase these movie merchandise to add to their collection.

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Promotional Eye Mask: 3 Marketing Advantages Of This Movie Giveaway

Sometimes, you just need a little giveaway to turn the attention of movie-goers to your latest film. That's what The Greatest Showman, a successful musical movie, did to capture the audience attention. Unlike other mainstream films, the story of The Greatest Showman is not known to the viewing public. So, it's crucial for the movie to stand out and get the attention of people. And what better way to do this is through a promotional eye mask - the official movie giveaway.

Promotional Eye Mask: 3 Marketing Advantages Of This Movie Giveaway

Why Does This Promotional Eye Mask Impress Us?

  • Great Design - The eye mask is heavily laden with The Greatest Showman theme. The background and font style reminds us of the movie itself. In fact, the movie's logo is both on the promotional mask and case.
  • Relevance - The movie talks about dreams coming true if you just work on it. And, the quote on the eye mask fits perfectly to the whole theme "Dreaming with your eyes wide open". It's really important to relate your marketing gifts to your brand or in this case, a movie. Because promotional items remind people of your product, services, and brand itself.
  • Cost-Effective - How can you run a successful promotion if you can't afford it, right? Fortunately, manufacturing eye masks isn't as costly as you may think. Therefore, movie marketers won't run out of stock when these items are released in the movies. For other affordable movie promotional products, please feel free to check the link below:

In conclusion, promotional eye masks are definitely an eye-opener in the promotional industry that you don't always need to have an expensive marketing giveaway. For as long as it's well - crafted, you are good to go.

If you'd like to create your own eye mask, please feel free to contact our ODM team anytime. Our team is always ready to answer your queries.

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Learn Marketing Hacks From These 3 Movie Campaigns From Avengers

Avengers is one of the most successful movie franchise to ever grace the silver screen. Therefore, brands would love to take part in this movie success. So, we listed the 3 campaigns or collaboration between different brands and Avengers. Check out these lucky brands and what kind of promotional product they had to attract the Avenger fanatics.

Custom Travel Mug From Petron

Learn Marketing Hacks From These 3 Movie Campaigns From Avengers

Petron, a Philippine-based gas company collaborates with the Avengers brand in creating their very own custom travel mug. We love the idea of a big brand collaborating with another brand that is from a completely different industry. This widens the reach of both brands which clearly contributes to the success of the whole marketing campaign.

This promotional mug has a unique design because it boasts a functional carabiner for the handle. The promo gift easily clips onto your bag, belt, or just about anything. It’s also made from quality stainless steel which is lightweight and easy to clean. Overall, this marketing gift is best for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Jackets, Bag, Headphones From Cinecomics

Learn Marketing Hacks From These 3 Movie Campaigns From Avengers

We have already established that offering branded products linked with a famous movie is a great way to capture the attention of your target customers. Cinecomics, a website that specialises in Marvel movies, offers customers a chance to bring home these promotional giveaways. The good point about this promotion is variation. Cinecomics offers several Avengers-branded items to their customers. Fans would just need to like or leave a comment on Cinecomics Facebook page and they'll instantly have a chance to receive rewards. Overall, these are good prizes for a raffle promotion

Figurines/Action Figures From 7up

Learn Marketing Hacks From These 3 Movie Campaigns From Avengers

The famous soda brand 7up is the latest brand to join the Avengers bandwagon. They are offering customers amazing Marvel’s Avengers action figures as a gift with purchase. Obviously, this increased the sales of 7up across Hong Kong. This is the reason why we really love using known characters in promotion: it is a great way for brands to promote themselves. If your brand is not sufficiently known on its own or you simply want to make it more attractive to customers, think of combining it with famous or upcoming licensed characters. Your company will surely benefit from the use of these popular characters.

3 Reasons Why Your Next Promo Should Be A Custom Toothbrush Holder

These Storm Trooper themed custom toothbrush holders are hard to miss! Designing creative promotional products with custom themed packaging to advertise their movies was an ingenious idea by Disney because not only will they boost their sales, but they will also increase their brand visibility.

3 Reasons Why Your Next Promo Should Be A Custom Toothbrush Holder

What are the benefits of designing your own custom toothbrush holder?

  • Target Audience - When you understand who your target audience is, you can easily design a toothbrush holder that will appeal to them. For example, even though Star Wars is enjoyed by people of all ages, this custom toothbrush is clearly aimed at children. This is due to the bold colours, stormtrooper head, wiggle neck, stickers and widened base for stability, as well as their close proximity to other toothbrushes that are marketed to kids.Therefore, children will be drawn to them and use their pester power to encourage their parents to make a purchase.
3 Reasons Why Your Next Promo Should Be A Custom Toothbrush Holder

  • Identity - By creating a totally unique toothbrush holder, you will distinguish yourself from competitors. Therefore, customers will be able to spot your promo gift from within the sea of bathroom essentials. As a result, this will lead to higher sales of your product over substitute goods.
  • Nostalgia - Movies connect with customers on a personal level. There is a dedicated fanbase of Star Wars lovers that have been following the franchise since it's original debut. Therefore, these individuals will reminisce about their first childhood experiences of going to the cinema with their friends and family to see the movie, which is now an essential routine for them with every new release. As a result, their relationship with the franchise will encourage them to carry on this tradition by purchasing this custom toothbrush holder for their children, or maybe even themselves! Additionally, by creating this promotional gift for kids for parents to bestow upon their children, this will instill the personal connection with the movies into the next generation of Star Wars devotees!
  • Brand Exposure - As this both a versatile and essential product for many customers, they'll be sure to take it with them on their travels. Therefore, when they are using the custom toothbrush holder in communal areas, other prospective customers will see how useful it is and will ask where they bought it. As a result, these individuals will likely go out and buy one so they can protect their indispensable toothbrush too!

How could this promotion be improved?

  • Collectible - To increase the likelihood of repeat purchases, Disney could consider offering a range of characters from the movie as toothbrush holders. This would encourage customers to try and collect all of the available types so they have a complete set. Additionally, not all customers may favour Storm Troopers so would not make a purchase. Therefore, by having different options available there is still a chance they'll buy a custom toothbrush holder which resenbles their preferred character.

In Conclusion

Designing a custom in-pack promo was a great way for Disney to boost customer loyalty and differentiate their products from the competition. There are many regular products that can easily be turned into movie themed promotional items, such as a movie promo bag, POS free standing display, branded activity sets or even ping pong paddles

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Licensing Toys From Movies - Toy Story Shows How

We spotted this striking Toy Story 4 promotion in Carrefour. This latest installment from Pixar is amazing fans with it's super-realistic animation style.

By licencing toys from movies, you can strategically turn them into an excellent movie marketing tool. It allows you to decide when, where and who can display your products.

This custom floor display really adds a finishing touch to this promotion, the bold colours and characters will capture the attention of children and draw them in to ask their parents to make a purchase. After all, who wouldn't want a Toy Story 4 promotional gift with purchase?

Licensing Toys From Movies - Toy Story Shows How

What Are The Benefits of Licencing Toys From Movies?

  • Freedom to choose - Toy Story’s licencing has turned their products into exclusive gifts. This means they can select which retailers can distribute their products. This gives them the ability to ensure only reputable brands with good standards and practises can offer their products. As a result, you won't be associated with any scandals or bad practises because you will avoid retailers which have them.  
Licensing Toys From Movies - Toy Story Shows How

  • Competitive Edge – By preventing unauthorised companies from distributing your toys, you prevent them from lowering the value of your products. This is because you will restrict the quantity of your toys that are available for customers to buy which will make them more desirable. In addition, competitors will not be able to intentionally distribute your toys from unethical retailers or alongside substandard products which would be detrimental to your brand image. 
Licensing Toys From Movies - Toy Story Shows How

  • Collaborations – As Toy Story 4 has just been released, products from the movie are both exclusive and in high demand. Therefore, many businesses will be looking to collaborate with Pixar to sell their toys in order to draw in more customers. This is a great opportunity for establishing relationships because retailers will feel honoured when you grant them permission to distribute your products and you will profit from the sales. Overall, this healthy alliance will make it easy for joint ventures to be possible in the future because trust is already established.

Licensing Toys From Movies - Toy Story Shows How

  • Collectable - These gifts for kids are a great way to create loyal customers because not only children want to ensure they get the complete set of characters for this release, but they will also take the toys into school to play with. Therefore, other children will see them which will make them aware that the movie has been released and they will also ask their parents to buy them the toys too. As a result, your customer base will grow immensely over a short period of time. Additionally, not only will children who saw the movie feel and emotional connection to the characters and ask their parents to buy these toys, but there are also adults who were the original viewers of the first Toy Story in 1995 who will buy the toys as a result of nostalgia. 
Licensing Toys From Movies - Toy Story Shows How

In Conclusion

Licensing toys is a great idea! It gives you more control over who can distribute your products, as well as helping to develop a loyal customer base from an early age that will continue to buy your products in the future. To make the most out of licensing toys, you need to plan when and where you offer them, as well as which retailers can sell them. For example, you need to ensure you collaborate with retailers who share your values to maintain a good level of corporate responsibility to keep customers satisfied.

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Pokemon Ties Up With McDonald's For Their Custom Toys

Pokemon, also known as Pocket Monster in Japan, seeks to acquire a decent chunk of the total viewership for cartoons. They intend to be known worldwide. Even if the brand is widely known, movie marketers are not too complacent and they all know that they could still improve the show's marketing. Therefore, they tapped McDonald's for a partnership in which the fast-food giant would release Pokemon custom toys in their happy meal.

Pokemon Ties Up With McDonald's For Their Custom Toys

Kids love McDonald's happy meal because these meals come with different toys. This gift with purchase marketing campaign is simple but efficient. Hence, a lot of brands are still using this kind of branding strategy

Why Do We Love Spiderman's Promotional Toys?

  • Customisable  - Pokemon did a really good job at customisation as they've created toys out of their characters. And these toys are of high-quality and accuracy. It's really good and everyone loves it. Their toys do not look cheap and as it's made from quality materials.
  • Creative - The concept is exceptional. The marketers behind Pokemon know that their target market are kids and kids at heart. Hence, they've partnered up with McDonald's and offered their custom toys as a promo gift for McDonald's Happy Meal.
  • Variety - Lastly, Pokemon and Mcdonald's offer a variety of toys. It's not just a simple marketing gift but a collectible promo. This is really beneficial because this encourages customers to eat at Mcdonalds to complete the set. And at the same time, Pokemon gets the attention they need.
Overall, this collaboration between these giant brands is perfect. Both brands are being promoted and benefit from this partnership.

If you're interested to know more, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our product designers will help you market your movies.

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Promo Toys: PJ Mask Teams Up With Enfagrow To Promote Their Show

PJ Masks cartoon is taking over the entertainment scene like a storm. A lot of kids watch the show, talk about the show, etc. We are pretty sure that Cartoon Network is raking some serious cash from this hit show. But with all the success, the brands still keeps on working on their marketing campaigns. Recently, our team spotted an amazing collaboration between PJ Masks and  Enfagrow. The marketing team for PJ Masks offers promo toys as an in-pack promo to their customers. 

Promo Toys: PJ Mask Teams Up With Enfagrow To Promote Their Show

PJ Masks Promo Toys

These toys are a fun promo gift that can be used as an on-pack promo which targets their preferred audience - children.

Available in different PJ Masks famous characters, these toys will surely keep your children entertained. The toys are made from non-toxic material which is safe for kids.

Why are these promo toys make good on pack promo items?

  • Raise Brand Awareness and Increase Brand Sales - Promotional toys are an excellent way to get your brand out to the public. Through these marketing giveaways, PJ Masks will have more exposure and at the same time, Enfagrow would attract more customers.
  • Customisable - Toys are highly customisable. It can be made from different materials which would entirely depend on your theme and marketing budget. If you want to see more promo toys, check out this link: Why Use Promotional Plastic Construction Toys for Your Next Project
Promo Toys: PJ Mask Teams Up With Enfagrow To Promote Their Show

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