Friday 23 April 2021

3 Reasons Why Pokémon's New Release Collection Makes Fans Go "Gotta Get 'Em All!"

For its 25th anniversary, the Pokémon franchise has announced collaborations with different brands for special promotions and merchandise. The commemoration will be full of teasers and surprising announcements that will definitely hype Pokémon fans worldwide throughout the year. 

In line with this year-long celebration, Pokémon has teamed up with Zavvi, an e-commerce entertainment retail store that allows fans and collectors to purchase limited-edition movies, official merchandise, and the latest steel backs. This collaboration features three clothing items dedicated to the beloved character Pikachu. 

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The collection includes a black-and-white hoodie, a white sweatshirt, and a yellow t-shirt. 

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These custom promotional products might sound simple, but these items had been sold fast since the release. Apparently, this collaboration has made fans and collectors raving! Wondering how potent wearable merchandise is? Here are 3 reasons why we think this collection got shoppers "gotta get 'em all!" and why you should choose this merchandise in your next movie promotions!

First, wearable merchandise is definitely high-utilized custom promotional items. Consumers will definitely love an item they can use in their daily lives and feature their favorite character. With the wide and expanding fan base of this franchise, this kind of merchandise will be the talk of the town. Teaming up with a renowned entertainment brand also provides assurance that the merchandise produced is of top quality.

Second, fans definitely love the premium advantage that this collection offers. Undoubtedly, nothing can compare to the happiness that official merchandise can give. Through this collaboration, the Pokémon franchise extends a premium advantage that its fans can greatly enjoy. It provides a distinction and wonderful feeling for people who purchase this merchandise.

Lastly, these official wearable items are great promotional merchandise for the year-long celebration. As it varies from a hoodie, sweatshirt, and t-shirt— fans can certainly enjoy them in any season. Offering them merchandise that they can use with the ever-changing weather conditions will prompt a positive purchase decision.

This promotional strategy is one of the ideal movie marketing ideas that are astounding and unique. Choosing this merchandise can catch the attention of movie fans and collectors out there! The collection has certainly made them go "gotta got 'em all!" It leaves a remarkable and personalized impact on their customers, gaining acknowledgment and awareness for your brand.

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Monday 14 September 2020

4 Easy Tips for an Effective Movie Marketing Campaign

Many successful movie outfits sell custom branded merchandise to promote their movies. The power of promotional products cannot be underestimated when it comes to promoting them. Fans are quick to buy exclusive branded items because they give them bragging rights and allow them to show others that they keep up with the trend.

This is why customized merchandise is such an important aspect of marketing movies. We, as movie fans, could not help but brag about our latest merch whenever a new one comes out. For example, bobblehead figurines of our favorite Star Wars characters are very popular among collectors. They are fun to collect especially when offered for a limited time only.

So, what can you do to ramp up your movie marketing? Here are some tips:

Tips for an Effective Movie Marketing Campaign

Know Your Audience

Determine who your audience will be. Is the film targeted towards kids, teens, or adults? Knowing what your customers need and want is half the battle in planning the best promotional gift offer for them. For instance, branded promotional toys, custom coloring bags, and pencil cases. 

Bobbleheads, promotional t-shirts, collectible toys, and custom figurines will be appreciated by teeners and adults alike. For kids, branded promotional toys, custom reusable tumblers with their favorite characters printed on the bottle, and activity books would be great ideas.

Choose the Best Promotional Product

This is a crucial step. You do not want your movie marketing gift to end up in the trash bin. You want your customers to enjoy it. But how do you choose the perfect promotional product? The article Choosing the correct Promotional Products – Custom ODM is a helpful resource on how to choose the right promotional item for any kind of campaign.

It would also be helpful to ask yourself these questions:
  • Who is your target market?
  • Is there any particular event happening on the day of the release?
  • Would my customers use / enjoy it?
  • Is this appropriate for their age?
  • Is the product safe to use?

Determine Your Delivery Mechanism for Promotional Products

How do you plan to offer your movie marketing gifts? Delivery mechanisms "are a key deciding factor on which product to give away as a promotional gift to clients." This includes gift with purchase, custom promotional mascots, giveaways, mail-in rebates or coupons, and goodie bags.

Once you have determined your delivery mechanism, you can now design a more effective movie marketing campaign that customers will remember for years.

Consider Brand Licensing

For sure, you have an item at home that has your favorite movie character printed on it. That is called a licensed product. Brand licensing is an agreement wherein another brand is given permission to market an intangible asset, such as a movie character, from the original owner. In effect, the licensee is renting the use of a certain asset owned by another company (licensor). The licensee will then have the right to reproduce and market said product while the original owner will gain royalty.

This is the case in many Disney and famous movies like Star Wars and Avengers. You can see them on plates, pillows, bags, headphones, bags, and even a pocket mirror!

Here is a great example:

Promotional Figurines
Promotional Figurine- Avengers

Avid movie fans love collecting figurines because they are usually released in very limited numbers. In addition, collaborations or co-branding with their favorite apparel, shoes, or cosmetic brand is like a sweet deal for collectors. What is also great with figurines is that most of the time, their value increases over time. 

Promotional Figurine- Avengers

These figurines were offered as an on-pack promotional gift with Lynx, a brand of grooming products for men. 

Read: How A Promotional Figurine Can Boost In Store Sales – Lynx and Marvel Collaboration  To learn more about how the collaboration has helped both brands gain traction in the market.

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Friday 14 August 2020

Despicable Me Collaborates with Colgate - Awesome Movie Marketing Gift Idea


Colgate and Despicable Me teamed up to give their customers a set of cute toys with the purchase of two boxes of toothpaste. Perfect for the summer, this will surely encourage kids to brush their teeth.

The promotional gift set consists of two kiddy toothbrushes, two toothpaste, and a beach toy.

The gift on-pack promotion gifts come in custom product packaging with the little minions printed on the box. With the success of Despicable Me, many companies have partnered with them for brand licensing. The popularity of the characters is what makes brand licensing an effective marketing strategy.

This partnership is beneficial for both Colgate and the movie. The gifts will pull in fans of Despicable Me and eventually boost the sales of Colgate toothpaste. Another reason this is an effective marketing tactic is that creates finer brand remembrance. 

Kids will eventually associate the Minions with brushing and oral health as they play with the toys every day. 

The orange pail is also nicely branded. It really reflects the Despicable Me movie. 

Why is this a Good Movie Marketing Idea?

Toys are a great way to market to kids and parents. They stay long enough to drive your brand message. The more customers use the products, the more they get exposed to your branding. This eventually leads to a positive brand association and finer remembrance.

Another reason why it is a great movie marketing idea is that it reinforces the message they aim to inculcate in the minds of children. 

Poor oral health is a problem among kids. It can be very difficult to convince them to brush their teeth because they have such short attention spans. As such, offering them a fun gift they can use every time they brush their teeth is a great way to motivate them. The cute Minions will no doubt make brushing their teeth a fun activity. And, as a result, they will always remember the movie as part of their everyday life.

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Wednesday 1 July 2020

Cool Movie Marketing Ideas for the Movie Industry

Are you looking for new merchandise ideas for the movie industry? Then you are in luck! In this blog, we will share with you promotional product ideas for the movie industry!


Encourage everyone to have an active lifestyle by offering sports items branded with movie characters. Movie outfits can give them away as a part of online contests or as a purchase with purchase item.

There are many ways to customize a tumbler for your marketing needs. Last year, promotional plastic tumblers in the shape of We Bare Bears characters were given away as part of their TV marketing. They partnered with cinemas to promote the then TV show.

Recently, the animated series has released a movie, and we cannot wait for limited-edition merchandise from them! 


Only 6 months away before Christmas! What better way to spread the joyous vibe while promoting your movie than these custom snow globes? 

Here, you can see Captain America's shield inside the globe. It is fun and interactive. Moreover, collectors will be delighted to have these in their collection.

Mugs are certainly one of the best movie marketing gifts to offer movie buffs. Not only because they are practical, but because there are so many ways to customize a promotional mug within a brand campaign.


Figurines are the ultimate collector's item as they easily make any movie or animation character come alive. You can either add carabiners and chains to make them into a cute keychain. You can make them as small or as big as you would like. 

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Friday 15 November 2019

Win at Movie Marketing Strategy with Promotional Water Bottles!

Are you a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? 7-11 Hong Kong has partnered with Marvel Studios in a move to promote the "Avengers: Endgame" movie. This is part of its movie marketing strategy and has been proven to be a hit with Marvel fans.

To enjoy this promotion, customers have to spend HK$20 and purchase the bottle for HK$88. Alternatively, they can also purchase the bottle directly for HK$199 without any other purchase. These bottles are limited edition.

movie marketing strategy
Win at Movie Marketing Strategy with Promotional Water Bottles!

The custom water bottles are available in 3 stylish designs: Captain America, Iron Man and Black Panther. The bottles are insulated and made of stainless steel. They can hold 470ml of liquid and can keep hot and cold liquds cold for hours. Additionally, they have silicone rubber mats at the bottom to prevent slips.  Thus, they are perfect for quenching your thirst with your favourite hot or ice cold drinks!

movie marketing strategy
Win at Movie Marketing Strategy with Promotional Water Bottles!

Why is this movie marketing strategy effective?

  • Boost Sales: In order to redeem the water bottles, customers have to collect points when they make purchases in-store. In addition, they have to accumulate the points or choose to top-up an amount. Thus, this encourages customer spending and ultimately boosts sales.
  • Practical: Water bottles are a very universal promotional item which are used by many people in their everyday lives. They are great for school or the office. Thus, they make a good product for your movie marketing strategy.
  • Customer Recall: Adding on to the fact that water bottles are a part of our everyday lives, customers will surely think about your brand when they are using them. This helps in customer recall as they will be able to remember your brand.
  • Increase Brand Exposure: Movies have always had a large impact on marketing as they help to boost awareness and popularity. Therefore, it is always good to leverage on the popularity and buzz of movies for your marketing campaign. This is because you can greatly increase your brand exposure and visibility this way.
  • Stylish Design: The superheroes' symbol are featured on one side while the Avengers logo is featured on the other. The matte finish and simplistic design of the bottle makes it look sleek and is suitable for both men and women.
To conclude, movie merchandise has always been a fun and popular way to boost marketing strategies. Not only does it help to drive sales, it also promotes the movie and creates attention for the promotion. Fans of the movie will surely spend money to redeem merchandise from their favourite movies.

movie marketing strategy

Win at Movie Marketing Strategy with Promotional Water Bottles!

We can help...

Are you considering using movie merchandise to drive sales? ODM Group can help! We have years of experience in sourcing, designing and manufacturing promotional products. In addition, we have a dedicated team of in-house designers who will be able to assist with your design needs. Thus, you can be assured that we will deliver high quality services. Feel free to drop us an inquiry today!

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Wednesday 30 October 2019

Brand Licensing - Marvel ATM? Yes It Exists!

With the recent success of Avengers, Standard Chartered, a British Financial Services Company, teamed up with Disney for a one-of-a-kind promotion. They recently released Marvel ATM debit and credit cards with Iron Man, Ant Man and Captain America printed on the surface.
Marvel ATM

This unique team up offers a host of exciting exclusive deals such as discounts on selected products and cash rebates. The Marvel ATM card is available for the whole family. According to their website, the ATM card is available for cardholders above 16 years old; Teens ATM card is for applicants aged 11-18; and Deposit card is for the account in relation to their child under 11 years old.

We love this promotional strategy because it helps both companies to broaden their audience share. Here are the benefits of this marketing scheme:

Why this Marvel ATM is a Brilliant Marketing Idea

Encourages Young People to Save Money - Marvel ATM targets the younger audience. With their favorite Marvel superhero on their ATm card, even kids will be encouraged to save money. This is something they will be proud to show off to their friends and classmates.

More Exposure for Both Brands - Although Disney and Standard Chartered are stable, well-established companies, they still like to keep their promotions fresh and varied by using unique promotional methods, such as brand licensing. In brand licensing a company leases their popular designs or characters to another company. This is why you will see popular characters being used for other companies other than their own. One of the benefits is bigger fan base and wider marketing reach for both the licensee and licensor.

Exciting Deals - In this example, Marvel ATM card holders are entitled to exciting deals. According to Standard Chartered website, Clients of Hot Toys will get a 5% off for items in regular or fixed price. This offer lasts until December 31, 2019. ATM holders are also eligible for HKD100 discount upon purchase of HKD2,000 on selected CHOW TAI FOOK Disney Collection merchandise. There's also a 1% rebate transactions using the Marvel ATM Card. Offering such exclusive deals and rewards are reason enough to sign up for this brilliant promotional item.

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Wednesday 25 September 2019

Movie Merchandise Reinforced Star Wars Marketing

If you check your local grocery stores, you'll find a host of movie merchandise on shelves and checkout counters. The use of custom branded merchandise for promoting movies is a surefire way to expand your marketing reach. Gifts with purchase and on-pack promotions allow you to make lasting impact on customers even after the movie has been released. Take, for example, these movie merchandise by Star Wars (The Force Awakens).

Star Wars' limited-edition Lightup Toothbrush is a truly unique product that will make one want to buy and collect them. Star Wars has teamed up with Firefly for this promotional product. They did a great job collaborating with other brands to make sure their movie will get massive exposure.

With so many brands competing for shelf space, it could be hard to really stand out. What Star Wars and Firefly did was create a freestanding display and position it along the aisle for people to see. This way, shoppers will know that they are offering limited edition movie merchandise.

To further learn more about their winning strategy, we listed below the things we love about their game plan.

POS Display

Here you can see Firefly and Star Wars' unique Lightsaber toothbrush stacked neatly in their custom POS display. The 3-tier shelf is smaller than the average POS display but the Star Wars designs are remarkable.

Made out of corrugated cardboard, the POS display is lightweight so it's easy to transport anywhere inside the shop. Since kids are the target audience, the display is just the perfect height. This makes the products accessible to them so kids can touch and examine the light up toothbrush. And this is good because the more they touch and feel the items, the more they are encouraged to acquire those merch.

The sides and the beams are also branded so that customers coming from either sides will easily recognize the movie.

Custom Retail Merchandise

Star Wars and Firefly worked together to deliver this limited edition toothbrush to their market. This strategy is called brand licensing wherein brand A allows Brand B to use their trademarked designs or characters to gain more customers. Did you know that Star Wars is the biggest licensor in the world? And this toothbrush is just one of the many products they have produced with another brand. Below, we share why this toothbrush is an excellent custom retail merchandise:

  • More Customers - This is a great way for both brands to gain wider customer base. 

  • Lasting Power - With Star Wars' success, Firefly will gain massive brand recognition as well. Likewise, Star Wars become an invaluable part of their viewers' every day life. 

  • Brand Conversion - Having Star Wars designed on each of the toothbrush is a great way to stimulate brand conversion. Fans of the movie who haven't used Firefly before may be compelled to try the toothbrush and eventually become loyal customers. 

  • Improves Oral Hygiene - It's important to teach kids the importance of good oral hygiene but encouraging them to brush their teeth can be very challenging. But using popular movie characters may encourage them to pick the toothbrush up. They might enjoy using the toothbrush if they are from their favorite movie.

In conclusion, Star Wars was able to touch even their youngest viewers with their promotional toothbrush. The movie will always be remembered even after its release. Furthermore, collectors would certainly love to purchase these movie merchandise to add to their collection.

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