Monday 26 January 2015

Ice Age Marbles for Collectible Marketing

The Ice Age series have made the most of their popularity by bringing out a Collectible range of Marbles.   Marbles, just like yoyos or dominos, are a very old but simple game and we love seeing them used for collectibles and marketing.

There is a logo on each marble.   There are many characters in the movie so this means that you can have a collectibles promotion where children can swap the marbles.   Customise the colour of the marble also.  We love how the sun shines through this one to highlight the mascot/character.
The marbles can be customised to different sizes but this one works well.  It is larger, so this marble is suitable for kids aged over 3 years old as can be seen on the reverse of the packaging.  The foil packaging gives a higher perceived value to this promotion. It also hides the actual design inside so adds a level of surprise to the recipient.
Here is the movie posted for Ice Age 4, the movie these collectibles celebrate.
Are you interested in using marbles in your forthcoming promotions.   Talk to us.   Below is a list of the different standard colours available but we are more than happy to work with you to make something unique.

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