Monday 14 September 2020

4 Easy Tips for an Effective Movie Marketing Campaign

Many successful movie outfits sell custom branded merchandise to promote their movies. The power of promotional products cannot be underestimated when it comes to promoting them. Fans are quick to buy exclusive branded items because they give them bragging rights and allow them to show others that they keep up with the trend.

This is why customized merchandise is such an important aspect of marketing movies. We, as movie fans, could not help but brag about our latest merch whenever a new one comes out. For example, bobblehead figurines of our favorite Star Wars characters are very popular among collectors. They are fun to collect especially when offered for a limited time only.

So, what can you do to ramp up your movie marketing? Here are some tips:

Tips for an Effective Movie Marketing Campaign

Know Your Audience

Determine who your audience will be. Is the film targeted towards kids, teens, or adults? Knowing what your customers need and want is half the battle in planning the best promotional gift offer for them. For instance, branded promotional toys, custom coloring bags, and pencil cases. 

Bobbleheads, promotional t-shirts, collectible toys, and custom figurines will be appreciated by teeners and adults alike. For kids, branded promotional toys, custom reusable tumblers with their favorite characters printed on the bottle, and activity books would be great ideas.

Choose the Best Promotional Product

This is a crucial step. You do not want your movie marketing gift to end up in the trash bin. You want your customers to enjoy it. But how do you choose the perfect promotional product? The article Choosing the correct Promotional Products – Custom ODM is a helpful resource on how to choose the right promotional item for any kind of campaign.

It would also be helpful to ask yourself these questions:
  • Who is your target market?
  • Is there any particular event happening on the day of the release?
  • Would my customers use / enjoy it?
  • Is this appropriate for their age?
  • Is the product safe to use?

Determine Your Delivery Mechanism for Promotional Products

How do you plan to offer your movie marketing gifts? Delivery mechanisms "are a key deciding factor on which product to give away as a promotional gift to clients." This includes gift with purchase, custom promotional mascots, giveaways, mail-in rebates or coupons, and goodie bags.

Once you have determined your delivery mechanism, you can now design a more effective movie marketing campaign that customers will remember for years.

Consider Brand Licensing

For sure, you have an item at home that has your favorite movie character printed on it. That is called a licensed product. Brand licensing is an agreement wherein another brand is given permission to market an intangible asset, such as a movie character, from the original owner. In effect, the licensee is renting the use of a certain asset owned by another company (licensor). The licensee will then have the right to reproduce and market said product while the original owner will gain royalty.

This is the case in many Disney and famous movies like Star Wars and Avengers. You can see them on plates, pillows, bags, headphones, bags, and even a pocket mirror!

Here is a great example:

Promotional Figurines
Promotional Figurine- Avengers

Avid movie fans love collecting figurines because they are usually released in very limited numbers. In addition, collaborations or co-branding with their favorite apparel, shoes, or cosmetic brand is like a sweet deal for collectors. What is also great with figurines is that most of the time, their value increases over time. 

Promotional Figurine- Avengers

These figurines were offered as an on-pack promotional gift with Lynx, a brand of grooming products for men. 

Read: How A Promotional Figurine Can Boost In Store Sales – Lynx and Marvel Collaboration  To learn more about how the collaboration has helped both brands gain traction in the market.

So, if you need more #movie marketing ideas, do not hesitate to visit check out our other blogs here. You can also find inspiring case studies and exciting original merchandise ideas at ODM magazine.

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