Monday 13 August 2018

Star Wars Promotional Movie Packaging for Boosting Sales

Many brands use promotional movie packaging to attract more people to buy. They do this by stimulating their interests. Using promotional movie packaging may help businesses' profitability to increase. An example below is from Nestle used to appeal to Star Wars fans through in-store marketing.

Promotional Movie Packaging for Boosting Sales 

How Beneficial is Promotional Movie Packaging?

  • Stimulating Sales. The packaging stands out more as it has images from a well-known movie, Star Wars. Customers buy more if they have interest on the movie and may potentially be more willing to pay more.
  • Customer Loyalty. Existing customers are more likely to remain loyal. This is because they are sparking their customers' interests. This means that their continuous repeated purchasing behaviours will be more probable.
  • Finer Brand Remembrance. Using promotional movie packaging may help customers remember the brand more. This is because of its distinctive designs that use Star Wars assets. On the photo below, the promotion of the movie is smaller than the Nestle's logo. It is more likely that they will retain information about the brand more. As a result, this may potentially encourage customers to buy the same brand whenever they shop for cereals.
  • Additional Customers. Customers unfamiliar with the movie may feel curious and buy the cereal. However, this is not only because of its visual impact. It can be because of its gift with purchase (lightsaber). This helps to be more appealing, specifically to children. Most children do not have the buying power to buy it on their own. On the other hand, they have pester power which can be useful in this scenario. Lastly, a clip is a part of the free gift to keep the cereal fresh after opening. This can be attractive to the general audience because it adds convenience.
Promotional Movie Packaging for Boosting Sales 


In conclusion, using promotional movie packaging has several advantages. It benefits the company in terms of sales and brand image. Above all, it also benefits their customers. It helps them recognise the brand more, especially if they like the movie on the packaging.
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