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Game Of Thrones Limited Edition

The wildly popular five season show, Game Of Thrones, is currently running a promotional campaign to further increase sales and awareness of the show.

Game Of Thrones Limited Edition
Game Of Thrones Limited Edition

In the limited edition Blu-ray version of 'Game of Thrones: Season 4' they give a promotional doll of the key characters throughout the series.

The doll itself is likely to make fans of the show purchase the more expensive Blu-ray version of season 4, whereas they likely would've planned to purchase the cheaper DVD version. So it adds an extra incentive for fans to spend more, and drives impulse sales.

Game Of Thrones Limited Edition
It also spreads awareness, as it may very well be left out on display in consumers homes, so when asked what it is, it will spread the name of the show, which will ultimately lead to more viewers and sales.

As an on-pack gift, it also greatly increases the perceived value of the Blu-ray box set, which means they're able to charge substantially more for the entire set than they would just the DVD alone - which will increase profit margins.

Man vs. Wild Survival Pack

The incredibly popular survival show, Man vs. Wild staring Bear Grylls, is currently running a marketing campaign in which they are providing a limited edition survival pack, which includes 39 episodes of the show, from season 1-3, as well as a branded water bottle and cover.

Man vs Wild Survival Pack
Man vs Wild Survival Pack
Both the promotional water bottle and cover are branded with the Man vs. Wild logo, as can be seen above. This was done due to the fact that the branding will help to increase awareness of the show, which in turn will increase viewers of the show, ultimately leading to an increase in sales for the box sets, merchandise and everything related to Man vs. Wild.

The reason the water bottle and cover make a perfect promotional gift for this marketing campaign is because it relates to the theme of the show; survival. As well as having the potential that the bottle may be used in a public place, such as in agym, leading to higher visibility for the show.

The water bottle does more than spread the brand though, it also increases sales and profit for the box set, as most consumers would likely just purchase the DVD by itself, but the water bottle adds extra incentive to spend more and purchase the box set.

It also increases the perceived value of the box set, so they are able to charge more for the box set, meaning a higher margin for each box set sold.

Planet Of The Apes: Caesar's Warrior Collection

Both Rise and Dawn of the Planet Of The Apes are remakes of the 1968 classic 'Planet Of The Apes', but with ever evolving technology, the creators were able to create incredibly realistic looking apes, as can be seen from the on-pack replica, in the DVD box set below.

Planet Of The Apes Caesar's Warrior Collection
Planet Of The Apes Caesar's Warrior Collection

This 'Warrior Collection' was a marketing campaign, that had numerous benefits for the creators of the film.

Primarily it'll drive sales from fans of the franchise, as they'll want the replica of the lead role in the movie, as well as having the huge collection of films that come with the box set, including the first film, Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD, and the most recent film, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and Digital HD!

To add further incentive, there's also a new, limited edition, 32-page booklet which explores how they were able to create such an accurate and life-like replica of the main character, Caesar. Along with the booklet, there are four ape collectible character cards and hours of special features.

So all of these special promotions were primarily given in order to drive sales of the box set, which costs considerably more than the movie alone, due to the much higher perceived value.

Planet Of The Apes Caesar's Warrior Collection
Planet Of The Apes Caesar's Warrior Collection
Although there are other aspects to take into consideration when running a marketing campaign such as this, one of these aspects is the awareness. In the Planet of the Apes box set, everything they have given is related to the franchise and branded with the films title, such as the DVD's, the replica and the booklet, many of which are considered collectables - so will be kept safely on display for years to come.

The reason this is beneficial is due to the fact that all these gifts will increase awareness of the film, which in turn will lead to more people paying to watch it, either in theaters or by purchasing the DVDs. So this marketing campaign has both long and short term benefits.

On-Pack Promotional T-Shirt by Sony

This on-pack promotional t-shirt was used as a promotional gift for the blu-ray and UltraViolet versions of the relatively new comedy 'This is the End', staring James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson.

On-Pack Promotional T-Shirt
On-Pack Promotional T-Shirt
This makes a fantastic promotional product for a number of reasons.

Firstly, consumers who buy the DVD were likely to be already looking to purchase it or another comedy, but the free promotional t-shirt adds an extra incentive to spend more on the limited edition version, as well as leading to more impulse purchases, which will ultimately increase sales.

It will also raise awareness of the film, and the fact it's funny, as the free promotional t-shirt has a hilarious quote from the film on it, so that may lead to others watching and purchasing the film. Along with this, it will likely have high visibility, as it's likely to be worn in public.

For these reasons, we feel free promotional t-shirts would be perfect for in either a giveaway, gift with purchase or an on pack promotion like 'This is the End' has used in their marketing campaign.

Batman Collectors Edition Box Set

The Batman series is one of the most highly anticipated and popular film and comic series' in the world. This prestige didn't occur through luck, it was achieved through years of producing top quality films and having a very strong marketing team, as can be seen with their latest promotional gifts, that they include in their 'Blu-Ray Ultimate Collectors Edition', which are used to entice consumers to purchase the limited edition box set.

Batman Collectors Edition Box Set
Batman Collectors Edition Box Set

Included in the Collectors Edition are:
  • 5 Original, Frameable villain Prints - many avid watchers of Batman have a favorite villain throughout the films or comics - so this promotional product is particularly appealing to these consumers who want a print they won't be able to get anywhere else.
  • A 48 page, hardback photo book, with rare pictures from the films - anyone who enjoys the Batman Saga will want to see rare or unseen pictures, so this photo books appeals to a wider audience.
  • 6 discs - the trilogy of Batman films containing Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, along with a special feature disc for each film). As with the photo book, the films and special features will appeal to a huge audience of those who like the films and want to see behind the scenes.
  • Collectable replicas of the Batmobile, Batpod and Tumbler. These will appeal to collectors specifically, but have a high perceived value, so will likely be appreciated by all consumers.
Batman Collectors Edition Box Set
Batman Collectors Edition Box Set
It may seem generous to give away such a large amount of high-end Batman memorabilia, but there's a marketing element behind this. The creators of Batman, DC Comics, knew that these products will be kept and will benefit them for years to come.

The Dark Knight Trilogy - Collectors Edition Box Set
The Dark Knight Trilogy - Collectors Edition Box Set
It benefits them due to the fact that these promotional products will always have the Batman & DC Comics branding on them, which means it will improve their brand awareness, as well as increasing the strength, quality and image of their brand, in the eyes of consumers. An added bonus is that they have the potential of being highly visible when customers show their friends for example - so for DC Comics, this is free advertising.

Ice Age Marbles for Collectible Marketing

The Ice Age series have made the most of their popularity by bringing out a Collectible range of Marbles.   Marbles, just like yoyos or dominos, are a very old but simple game and we love seeing them used for collectibles and marketing.

There is a logo on each marble.   There are many characters in the movie so this means that you can have a collectibles promotion where children can swap the marbles.   Customise the colour of the marble also.  We love how the sun shines through this one to highlight the mascot/character.
The marbles can be customised to different sizes but this one works well.  It is larger, so this marble is suitable for kids aged over 3 years old as can be seen on the reverse of the packaging.  The foil packaging gives a higher perceived value to this promotion. It also hides the actual design inside so adds a level of surprise to the recipient.
Here is the movie posted for Ice Age 4, the movie these collectibles celebrate.
Are you interested in using marbles in your forthcoming promotions.   Talk to us.   Below is a list of the different standard colours available but we are more than happy to work with you to make something unique.

MARVEL Marketing Gifts with Guardians of the Galaxy

UA Cinemas in HK are doing a special marketing campaign with Guardians of the Galaxy.
Like “UA Cinemas” and “Hot Toys” Facebook fans page and enter competitions to win prizes.
  • Hot Toys “Guardians of the Galaxy” Rocket & Groot 1:6th scale collectible figurine set (2 winners)
  • Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy: 1/6th scale Star- Lord Collectible Figure (1 winner)
  • Yoyo (100 winners)
  • Notebooks (100 winners)
  • iPHONE 5 phone case (140 winners)
Game will be open for registration on 26 July 2014.
Furthermore, if you just buy 2 Guardians of the Galaxy IMAX 3D tickets you can get an IMAX poster for free!

I am not sure how they came to this number, but there is a quota of 730pcs.  First come first served while stock last.
Redemption details: Starting from 31 July 2014, present 2 “Guardians of the Galaxy” IMAX 3D tickets at Cine Grand Century, UA iSQUARE, UA MegaBox or UA IMAX@Airport concession counter to redeem one IMAX poster.
Will this promotion and the marketing gifts offered spur you to visit the cinema for this film?