Friday 14 August 2020

Despicable Me Collaborates with Colgate - Awesome Movie Marketing Gift Idea


Colgate and Despicable Me teamed up to give their customers a set of cute toys with the purchase of two boxes of toothpaste. Perfect for the summer, this will surely encourage kids to brush their teeth.

The promotional gift set consists of two kiddy toothbrushes, two toothpaste, and a beach toy.

The gift on-pack promotion gifts come in custom product packaging with the little minions printed on the box. With the success of Despicable Me, many companies have partnered with them for brand licensing. The popularity of the characters is what makes brand licensing an effective marketing strategy.

This partnership is beneficial for both Colgate and the movie. The gifts will pull in fans of Despicable Me and eventually boost the sales of Colgate toothpaste. Another reason this is an effective marketing tactic is that creates finer brand remembrance. 

Kids will eventually associate the Minions with brushing and oral health as they play with the toys every day. 

The orange pail is also nicely branded. It really reflects the Despicable Me movie. 

Why is this a Good Movie Marketing Idea?

Toys are a great way to market to kids and parents. They stay long enough to drive your brand message. The more customers use the products, the more they get exposed to your branding. This eventually leads to a positive brand association and finer remembrance.

Another reason why it is a great movie marketing idea is that it reinforces the message they aim to inculcate in the minds of children. 

Poor oral health is a problem among kids. It can be very difficult to convince them to brush their teeth because they have such short attention spans. As such, offering them a fun gift they can use every time they brush their teeth is a great way to motivate them. The cute Minions will no doubt make brushing their teeth a fun activity. And, as a result, they will always remember the movie as part of their everyday life.

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