Welcome to Marketing Movies. A One-Stop partner for all your Marketing Movie needs. Our services include and not limited to Promotional Products for Movie Companies (DVD / Theatre). Merchandise for Movie Companies. Licensing image rights / co-branding. In-Movie Advertising and Product Placement.

Product Placement

So many products today are advertised subliminally or through association within film and television productions. Placing a product in a pivotal movie scene, where potentially millions of viewers will see it, is a hugely important and effective marketing channel.  

Some Top Industry Properties for Movie Advertising:

  • Automotive
  • Drinks - especially beer
  • Electronics - especially smartphones, laptops
  • Food Brands
  • Luxury Goods - Bags & Watches
  • Service Companies - Courier / Insurance / Banks etc..
  • Restaurant & Hotel Chains
  • Airlines
  • Regions & Countries

Let Marketing Movies work with you to find the best property to work with. Work with us to find the right Genre, Region & Reach for your products.