Wednesday 30 October 2019

Brand Licensing - Marvel ATM? Yes It Exists!

With the recent success of Avengers, Standard Chartered, a British Financial Services Company, teamed up with Disney for a one-of-a-kind promotion. They recently released Marvel ATM debit and credit cards with Iron Man, Ant Man and Captain America printed on the surface.
Marvel ATM

This unique team up offers a host of exciting exclusive deals such as discounts on selected products and cash rebates. The Marvel ATM card is available for the whole family. According to their website, the ATM card is available for cardholders above 16 years old; Teens ATM card is for applicants aged 11-18; and Deposit card is for the account in relation to their child under 11 years old.

We love this promotional strategy because it helps both companies to broaden their audience share. Here are the benefits of this marketing scheme:

Why this Marvel ATM is a Brilliant Marketing Idea

Encourages Young People to Save Money - Marvel ATM targets the younger audience. With their favorite Marvel superhero on their ATm card, even kids will be encouraged to save money. This is something they will be proud to show off to their friends and classmates.

More Exposure for Both Brands - Although Disney and Standard Chartered are stable, well-established companies, they still like to keep their promotions fresh and varied by using unique promotional methods, such as brand licensing. In brand licensing a company leases their popular designs or characters to another company. This is why you will see popular characters being used for other companies other than their own. One of the benefits is bigger fan base and wider marketing reach for both the licensee and licensor.

Exciting Deals - In this example, Marvel ATM card holders are entitled to exciting deals. According to Standard Chartered website, Clients of Hot Toys will get a 5% off for items in regular or fixed price. This offer lasts until December 31, 2019. ATM holders are also eligible for HKD100 discount upon purchase of HKD2,000 on selected CHOW TAI FOOK Disney Collection merchandise. There's also a 1% rebate transactions using the Marvel ATM Card. Offering such exclusive deals and rewards are reason enough to sign up for this brilliant promotional item.

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