Wednesday 31 August 2016

Marketing Movies Idea – Kellogg’s Giveaway Gift

Are you one of those people who do not miss any movie premiere and can’t imagine your life without watching movies? Than this marketing movies idea is absolutely for you! Get the chance to download your favorite movie in digital HD quality for free!

Agree that there are some movies we want to watch again and again. That’s why movie producers realize their movies promotional products and DVD disc’s to satisfy their customers. It is really cool when you have opportunity to watch your favorite movie at any time you want just by downloading it on flesh drive card or mobile device.

Besides you can always bring it with doesn’t matter if you go on a trip or just plan to visit your friend to watch this movie together. Therefore it is a great idea for promotional giveaway in order to increase sales.

All you need to get one of 30 different movies is just to purchase three specially marked packs of Kellogg’s products, find unique code printed inside each specially promo box. Three unique codes entitles you to one movie download - just choose any movie you want!

How this marketing movies idea can positively effect on brand promotion?
  • Boost your sales. During this promotion campaign Kellogg’s focuses on their target audience and offers them what they really need. Besides Kellogg’s exact product can be a great addition to movie watching. There are also opportunity to download different genres movies so this is a good promotional idea for all ages and sexes.
  • Brand value. Offering giveaway promo company can expect to improve brands reputation and make it more important for customers. In this situation customer need to buy 3 packs and it is enough to become favorable brand. Even when this marketing campaign will be finished they will choose Kellogg’s product among others.

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