Tuesday 10 October 2017

Cars 3 Promotional Water Bottle: A Smart Marketing Trick

Cars is undeniably one of the most well-received Pixar-Disney animated movies of 2017. Fans from all over the world probably know all the characters' names by heart and they would probably recognize them on posters and other adverts. 

The success of Cars 3 is partly due to its effective marketing effort. Check out your local department stores, and you'll surely find a host of movie merchandise that will unleash your inner fangirl/fanboy. You'll find Cars 3 images printed on mugs, bags, lunch boxes, shoes, school supplies, and even bed sheets. They have been doing this marketing strategy since the first installment, and the result is a huge fan base and cool Cars merchandise that is worth collecting!

Just recently, Soltan has started giving away one free Cars 3 promotional water bottle for every purchase of 2 Soltan products. In an effort to improve their sales, they also advertised this on their security scanners at the entrance. The strategy is, of course, simple, yet significantly helped both brands achieve great results. 

What Can We Learn From This Collaboration?

  • Strategic Placing of Adverts: Welcoming the customers are two security scanners with posters promoting "2 Soltan + Free Cars 3 Water Bottle" combo. The idea is simple but the impact is great as people are informed beforehand that they would get FREE Cars 3 merchandise when they buy 2 Soltan products. Visually and mentally stimulating, the adverts condition fans to buy the product once they enter the store.

Cars 3 Promotional Water Bottle: A smart Marketing Trick
Security Scanner Adverts and Cars 3 Promotional Water Bottle

  • Effective Use of POS Display: The use of POS display, reminded customers that they are getting a cool freebie when they purchase two of their products, hence, reinforcing their campaign. They are available in Boots, and knowing they have a lot of competitors, using a POS display gave them a chance to stand out. 

Cars 3 Promotional Water Bottle: A smart Marketing Trick
Cars 3 Promotional Water Bottle POS Display

  • Convenient Promotion: Cars franchise was able to promote its latest installment even inside a drug store, so people are reminded to never miss the release date. The use of adverts and POS display is an effective way to gain attention and boost sales.
    Cars 3 Promotional Water Bottle: A smart Marketing Trick
    Cars 3 Promotional Water Bottle
  • Health Benefits: The promotional water bottle and Soltan skin protection product combination is a great way to promote healthy lifestyle. Customers will remember to drink lots of water and apply lotion or sunscreen before they head to the movie theater!
The use of promotional water bottle, POS display, as well as adverts have tremendously benefitted both Cars 3 and Soltan. Soltan has gained enormous exposure while Cars 3 enjoyed high ticket sales and huge following. 

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Sunday 8 October 2017

Despicable Me 3 GWP: Koko Krunch Creative Promo Gift

Despicable Me 3 is one of the top  grossing animated films of all time with $1,024,824,370 gross income. It's no surprise that the third movie franchise earned this big since considering the effort they put in promoting the movie. Just recently, Despicable Me 3 has collaborated with Nestle's Koko Krunch in an effort to boost movie sales and market reach. 

Despicable Me 3 GWP: Koko Krunch Creative Promo Gift
Despicable Me 3 GWP: Koko Krunch Creative Promo Gift 

The pair-up resulted in a fun and creative promo gift! Fans will get a Despicable Me 3 family photo clip for every purchase of Koko Krunch.

Despicable Me 3 GWP: Koko Krunch Creative Promo Gift
Despicable Me 3 GWP: Koko Krunch Creative Promo Gift 

Simple, yet it left a huge impact on their target market. Why do we love this promotional strategy? Below, we listed the pros of using this creative promo gift:

  • Nurtures Creativity: The cut-out photo frame is a great way to teach children to use art tools properly. For example, kids will learn how to handle the scissors safely and cut with precision. Perfect as an art project, this gift allows them think outside the box.
  • Great Marketing Tool for Both Products: In order to get the cool cutout frame, fans have to buy a box of Koko Krunch, which is being sold within supermarkets. As such, it not only promoted the movie, but it also helped improve the breakfast cereals' sales. Both Despicable Me 3 and Koko Krunch benefited from this marketing move.
  • Fosters Family Values: Family is the central theme of the movie, which resonates well with the Chinese market. It's a wholesome art project that kids and parents can easily make. Parents can guide their kids when cutting the frame and pasting their pictures, thereby nurturing parent-child bond. 
  • Promotes Healthy Eating: Kids are picky eaters. But seeing their favorite Despicable Me 3 character printed on the box could encourage them to not skip their breakfast. The characters are easily recognizable, which can help attract kids' attention. Because majority of the fans is kids, it's a great way to promote eating healthy foods for breakfast.
Creative, simple, and interactive, these qualities are what made this promo gift effective. It's proof that you don't have to have an elaborate or expensive promotional product to make a name in the business world. 

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