Thursday 8 September 2016

Warm Paste & Big Hero 6 Collaborative Marketing

The movie "Big Hero Six" got released in year 2014 and is about a young robotic prodigy who forms a robot combat to fight against a masked villain.
The Hero of this movie is Baymax, the robot on this packaging. This movie was really successful in Asia and Baymax got really famous, which is the reason you can still find it advertised in the Supermarkets of China.
Warm Paste & Big Hero 6 Collaborative Marketing
This robot has the purpose of being an medical robot in the movie, the combination with warm paste fits, because of that, perfectly.
This gives the customer a safe feeling that this warm paste will be very effective by suffering pain because of muscles or just a cold. 
Every doctor will confirm that the believe in your medicine is one of the most important things while being sick or having pain with muscles.
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