Monday 22 July 2019

3 Reasons Why Your Next Promo Should Be A Custom Toothbrush Holder

These Storm Trooper themed custom toothbrush holders are hard to miss! Designing creative promotional products with custom themed packaging to advertise their movies was an ingenious idea by Disney because not only will they boost their sales, but they will also increase their brand visibility.

3 Reasons Why Your Next Promo Should Be A Custom Toothbrush Holder

What are the benefits of designing your own custom toothbrush holder?

  • Target Audience - When you understand who your target audience is, you can easily design a toothbrush holder that will appeal to them. For example, even though Star Wars is enjoyed by people of all ages, this custom toothbrush is clearly aimed at children. This is due to the bold colours, stormtrooper head, wiggle neck, stickers and widened base for stability, as well as their close proximity to other toothbrushes that are marketed to kids.Therefore, children will be drawn to them and use their pester power to encourage their parents to make a purchase.
3 Reasons Why Your Next Promo Should Be A Custom Toothbrush Holder

  • Identity - By creating a totally unique toothbrush holder, you will distinguish yourself from competitors. Therefore, customers will be able to spot your promo gift from within the sea of bathroom essentials. As a result, this will lead to higher sales of your product over substitute goods.
  • Nostalgia - Movies connect with customers on a personal level. There is a dedicated fanbase of Star Wars lovers that have been following the franchise since it's original debut. Therefore, these individuals will reminisce about their first childhood experiences of going to the cinema with their friends and family to see the movie, which is now an essential routine for them with every new release. As a result, their relationship with the franchise will encourage them to carry on this tradition by purchasing this custom toothbrush holder for their children, or maybe even themselves! Additionally, by creating this promotional gift for kids for parents to bestow upon their children, this will instill the personal connection with the movies into the next generation of Star Wars devotees!
  • Brand Exposure - As this both a versatile and essential product for many customers, they'll be sure to take it with them on their travels. Therefore, when they are using the custom toothbrush holder in communal areas, other prospective customers will see how useful it is and will ask where they bought it. As a result, these individuals will likely go out and buy one so they can protect their indispensable toothbrush too!

How could this promotion be improved?

  • Collectible - To increase the likelihood of repeat purchases, Disney could consider offering a range of characters from the movie as toothbrush holders. This would encourage customers to try and collect all of the available types so they have a complete set. Additionally, not all customers may favour Storm Troopers so would not make a purchase. Therefore, by having different options available there is still a chance they'll buy a custom toothbrush holder which resenbles their preferred character.

In Conclusion

Designing a custom in-pack promo was a great way for Disney to boost customer loyalty and differentiate their products from the competition. There are many regular products that can easily be turned into movie themed promotional items, such as a movie promo bag, POS free standing display, branded activity sets or even ping pong paddles

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