Wednesday 25 September 2019

Movie Merchandise Reinforced Star Wars Marketing

If you check your local grocery stores, you'll find a host of movie merchandise on shelves and checkout counters. The use of custom branded merchandise for promoting movies is a surefire way to expand your marketing reach. Gifts with purchase and on-pack promotions allow you to make lasting impact on customers even after the movie has been released. Take, for example, these movie merchandise by Star Wars (The Force Awakens).

Star Wars' limited-edition Lightup Toothbrush is a truly unique product that will make one want to buy and collect them. Star Wars has teamed up with Firefly for this promotional product. They did a great job collaborating with other brands to make sure their movie will get massive exposure.

With so many brands competing for shelf space, it could be hard to really stand out. What Star Wars and Firefly did was create a freestanding display and position it along the aisle for people to see. This way, shoppers will know that they are offering limited edition movie merchandise.

To further learn more about their winning strategy, we listed below the things we love about their game plan.

POS Display

Here you can see Firefly and Star Wars' unique Lightsaber toothbrush stacked neatly in their custom POS display. The 3-tier shelf is smaller than the average POS display but the Star Wars designs are remarkable.

Made out of corrugated cardboard, the POS display is lightweight so it's easy to transport anywhere inside the shop. Since kids are the target audience, the display is just the perfect height. This makes the products accessible to them so kids can touch and examine the light up toothbrush. And this is good because the more they touch and feel the items, the more they are encouraged to acquire those merch.

The sides and the beams are also branded so that customers coming from either sides will easily recognize the movie.

Custom Retail Merchandise

Star Wars and Firefly worked together to deliver this limited edition toothbrush to their market. This strategy is called brand licensing wherein brand A allows Brand B to use their trademarked designs or characters to gain more customers. Did you know that Star Wars is the biggest licensor in the world? And this toothbrush is just one of the many products they have produced with another brand. Below, we share why this toothbrush is an excellent custom retail merchandise:

  • More Customers - This is a great way for both brands to gain wider customer base. 

  • Lasting Power - With Star Wars' success, Firefly will gain massive brand recognition as well. Likewise, Star Wars become an invaluable part of their viewers' every day life. 

  • Brand Conversion - Having Star Wars designed on each of the toothbrush is a great way to stimulate brand conversion. Fans of the movie who haven't used Firefly before may be compelled to try the toothbrush and eventually become loyal customers. 

  • Improves Oral Hygiene - It's important to teach kids the importance of good oral hygiene but encouraging them to brush their teeth can be very challenging. But using popular movie characters may encourage them to pick the toothbrush up. They might enjoy using the toothbrush if they are from their favorite movie.

In conclusion, Star Wars was able to touch even their youngest viewers with their promotional toothbrush. The movie will always be remembered even after its release. Furthermore, collectors would certainly love to purchase these movie merchandise to add to their collection.

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