Wednesday 1 July 2020

Cool Movie Marketing Ideas for the Movie Industry

Are you looking for new merchandise ideas for the movie industry? Then you are in luck! In this blog, we will share with you promotional product ideas for the movie industry!


Encourage everyone to have an active lifestyle by offering sports items branded with movie characters. Movie outfits can give them away as a part of online contests or as a purchase with purchase item.

There are many ways to customize a tumbler for your marketing needs. Last year, promotional plastic tumblers in the shape of We Bare Bears characters were given away as part of their TV marketing. They partnered with cinemas to promote the then TV show.

Recently, the animated series has released a movie, and we cannot wait for limited-edition merchandise from them! 


Only 6 months away before Christmas! What better way to spread the joyous vibe while promoting your movie than these custom snow globes? 

Here, you can see Captain America's shield inside the globe. It is fun and interactive. Moreover, collectors will be delighted to have these in their collection.

Mugs are certainly one of the best movie marketing gifts to offer movie buffs. Not only because they are practical, but because there are so many ways to customize a promotional mug within a brand campaign.


Figurines are the ultimate collector's item as they easily make any movie or animation character come alive. You can either add carabiners and chains to make them into a cute keychain. You can make them as small or as big as you would like. 

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