Tuesday 15 May 2018

Star Wars On-pack - Nestle Runs Cereal Marketing Promotions

Nestlé ran a promotional campaign for some British cereal favourites such as Cheerios and Shredded Wheat. Every cereal box purchase gives you a chance to win Star Wars special edition cereal products.

How It Works?

Inside each pack is a unique code. Enter the code on the Nestlé website for a chance to win those limited edition prizes!This awesome promotion can be found in various UK supermarkets.

Why we think the On - Pack Promotional of Nestlé is great?
  • The promotion is very timely and relevant since the new Star Wars movie has just been released on the big screen. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is breaking box office records. Thus, Nestlé saw this opportunity and created a promotion out of the positive hullabaloo.
  • Having a chance of getting something from your regular purchase makes the product more appealing. Consumers will greatly consider a product that offers incentives than a product that offers none. Consequently, consumers will most likely purchase the product that comes with a freebie.
  • Nestlé also considered producing varied items. They printed unique designs on different items. As a result, the variety of the free items entice the consumers to collect them all. This will result in repetitive or mass purchases. 
  • Apart from Nestlé, Star Wars also benefited from this collaboration. The franchise was able to easily promote its latest movie instalment to their target market without having to spend so much on typical adverts. This saves Star Wars from huge TV advert costs.

Utilising this on-pack promotion greatly helped both Nestlé and Star Wars film. The Swiss brand got its fair share of the consumer market whilst Star Wars received an enormous exposure of their film. 

If you want to learn more about how promotional products can raise brand awareness, contact us today.  We can't get enough of on-pack cereal promotions.

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