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Limited edition statue for the new Batman: Arkham Knight game

With the release of the last game of the Batman: Arkham series coming up - the creators of the game have decided to release a statue when you pre-order the limited edition of the game. When customers buy the game they will receive the statue along with other gifts meant to incentivize purchase.

Limited edition statue for the new Batman: Arkham Knight game

This is a common promotional tool for games companies that has been proven to work well in the past. Since there is no other way of buying the statue - customers have no choice but to pre-order the game if they want it. This also works as a collectors item and people who have the previous ones will have extra incentive to buy the new game.

Also included is:

  • Unique Steelbook case and game disk
  • 80 page, full colour art book showcasing the concept art of Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Limited Edition DC Comic Book
  • Three unique skins packs from DC Comics' New 52 series