Friday 5 June 2015

Win your very own Ted bear with this giveaway

When released in 2012, the movie Ted, quickly became a box office hit. The beloved main character - a talking bear whom the movie is named after is the reason behind this. With the upcoming release of the sequel, Ted 2, AMC Movie Theatres decided to use this in their promotional campaign for the movie. By entering a competition on their website you're able to win your own Ted.

Win your very own Ted bear with this giveaway

This giveaway has received a lot of attention and has been spread hundreds of times on facebook and twitter already. Because of this success, more awareness has been spread of both the movie, and the movie theatre. A giveaway such as this is a good way of increasing brand awareness at a low cost for your company, meaning a high ROI. A toy like this can easily be customized into any shape or material to fit your promotion.

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