Friday 8 January 2016

Star Wars: A Guide to a Memorable Marketing Campaign

The new part of the highly-anticipated space saga Star Wars: The Force Awakens without a doubt has had marketing campaign almost as great as the film itself.

Walk down any high street, into any shopping center, or any supermarket, and there, according to CNN, is a 66.69% chance that you will find something Star Wars related. The most common are POS outside and in-store displays, or adverts on the product packaging, helping stimulate sales and importantly getting the Star Wars franchise out there.


Following up the world release on December 18, the film opens in China tomorrow, on January 9 and the epic promotional campaign here is in a full blossom. Huge digital POS displays, free gifts and giveaways – it seems that Stormtroopers and Yodas are everywhere.

The huge area with official Star Wars merchandise was found in Tee Mall shopping centre in Guangzhou, China.

Metal figurines of the beloved characters, huge TV-screens showing teasers, branded mugs, T-shirts, bubble-heads, and stand with light sabers which you can use to take photos with or have a quick fight with an opponent – everything you can imagine to entertain and satisfy the true fans.

And at the entrance to the trade mall another highly impressive promotion – the realistic full size model of a Tie Fighter battle spaceship.

In general, Disney have done a great job and this is a lesson that other industries and other companies can learn. Their promotional campaign is about effective marketing, good product development and taking benefits from Star Wars lovers enormous nostalgia.

Disney also succeeded in terms of branding the movie - a good promotional move was to bring toys to the marketplace before the film was actually available.

The latest Star Wars movie broke the $1 billion mark before fans in China could see it, but producers anticipate "The Force Awakens" will play very well in the world's second-biggest film market.

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