Monday 27 April 2015

Star Wars Laser Etched Crystals

Star Wars is one of the largest, most recognizable movie franchises in the world today. So it should be of no surprise to discover that they have an incredibly strong marketing campaign behind them, and every film they release.

Star Wars Laser Etched Art
Star Wars Laser Etched Art
To make a movie stand out from the rest, a unique marketing strategy is required. This unique aspect can be achieved by providing customers with innovative promotional products, such as the above. Laser etched crystals make a fantastic opportunity for marketing, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, as they're laser etched almost any image, logo or text can be etched into the crystal with incredible accuracy. These customizable options can be combined, as can be seen in the Star Wars crystal. In this case, they have etched an action shot of one of the main characters, along with the title of movie below it. So this makes an ideal product for increasing awareness of the franchise.

Secondly, they can be made to look and feel very high-end, with a high perceived value. This perceived value will ensure that customers feel valued, and as such they're more likely to recommend your movie to others.

Finally, laser etched crystals are the type of promotional products that will be put on display or kept as a collectable, by fans of the franchise. The fact they will be displayed will add to the awareness of your movies.

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