Tuesday 5 August 2014

MARVEL Marketing Gifts with Guardians of the Galaxy

UA Cinemas in HK are doing a special marketing campaign with Guardians of the Galaxy.
Like “UA Cinemas” and “Hot Toys” Facebook fans page and enter competitions to win prizes.
  • Hot Toys “Guardians of the Galaxy” Rocket & Groot 1:6th scale collectible figurine set (2 winners)
  • Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy: 1/6th scale Star- Lord Collectible Figure (1 winner)
  • Yoyo (100 winners)
  • Notebooks (100 winners)
  • iPHONE 5 phone case (140 winners)
Game will be open for registration on 26 July 2014.
Furthermore, if you just buy 2 Guardians of the Galaxy IMAX 3D tickets you can get an IMAX poster for free!

I am not sure how they came to this number, but there is a quota of 730pcs.  First come first served while stock last.
Redemption details: Starting from 31 July 2014, present 2 “Guardians of the Galaxy” IMAX 3D tickets at Cine Grand Century, UA iSQUARE, UA MegaBox or UA IMAX@Airport concession counter to redeem one IMAX poster.
Will this promotion and the marketing gifts offered spur you to visit the cinema for this film?

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