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Movie Marketing Ideas: Mini Portable Phone Projectors

With the increasing amount of disposable income and increase in leisure time, many have been looking at cheaper alternative to television, which may not have an abundant selection of movies and films. Thus, Mini Portable Projectors have been increasingly popular amongst consumers.  

A projector is an optical device that projects an image onto a surface. These images are usually on projector screens but they can also be projected on walls. Projectors make use of LED as a light source with LCD imaging technology. These images are created when light is shone through a small transparent lens. Mini portable projectors serve the same purpose as a traditional projector. However, it brings about several additional benefits. 

Firstly, being mini and portable, it allows everyone to be able to enjoy their favourite movies and films anytime, anywhere. These projectors allow users to project their favourite videos and images on their screen. They may look mini, but they sure do a huge projection on walls. Conveniently sized, the projector can be brought outdoors and even to your friend's apartment to enjoy a cosy movie night. 

Secondly, it is affordable as compared to its traditional counterparts. Projectors are usually used in movie theatres. They are extremely useful in projecting and magnifying photos and videos from your phone and laptop screen. Mini portable projectors like these allow you to have a movie like experience for unlimited number of times. 

Thirdly, it is easy to use and function. Unlike professional projectors that requires HDMI cables, this projector only makes use of a USB power cable. It also comes with an in-built speaker, which makes your movie experience so much more pleasant. 

This product is perfect to be used as a movie marketing item as it constantly reminds users about the movie and it also provides a platform so that they can watch their movie on a big screen. Comfort and quality are qualities that consumers love about watching movies in theatres. This affordable product is highly demanded and has high usability. Hence, it will be a perfect marketing product that will bring about high brand remembrance. 

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