Wednesday 10 July 2019

Licensing Toys From Movies - Toy Story Shows How

We spotted this striking Toy Story 4 promotion in Carrefour. This latest installment from Pixar is amazing fans with it's super-realistic animation style.

By licencing toys from movies, you can strategically turn them into an excellent movie marketing tool. It allows you to decide when, where and who can display your products.

This custom floor display really adds a finishing touch to this promotion, the bold colours and characters will capture the attention of children and draw them in to ask their parents to make a purchase. After all, who wouldn't want a Toy Story 4 promotional gift with purchase?

Licensing Toys From Movies - Toy Story Shows How

What Are The Benefits of Licencing Toys From Movies?

  • Freedom to choose - Toy Story’s licencing has turned their products into exclusive gifts. This means they can select which retailers can distribute their products. This gives them the ability to ensure only reputable brands with good standards and practises can offer their products. As a result, you won't be associated with any scandals or bad practises because you will avoid retailers which have them.  
Licensing Toys From Movies - Toy Story Shows How

  • Competitive Edge – By preventing unauthorised companies from distributing your toys, you prevent them from lowering the value of your products. This is because you will restrict the quantity of your toys that are available for customers to buy which will make them more desirable. In addition, competitors will not be able to intentionally distribute your toys from unethical retailers or alongside substandard products which would be detrimental to your brand image. 
Licensing Toys From Movies - Toy Story Shows How

  • Collaborations – As Toy Story 4 has just been released, products from the movie are both exclusive and in high demand. Therefore, many businesses will be looking to collaborate with Pixar to sell their toys in order to draw in more customers. This is a great opportunity for establishing relationships because retailers will feel honoured when you grant them permission to distribute your products and you will profit from the sales. Overall, this healthy alliance will make it easy for joint ventures to be possible in the future because trust is already established.

Licensing Toys From Movies - Toy Story Shows How

  • Collectable - These gifts for kids are a great way to create loyal customers because not only children want to ensure they get the complete set of characters for this release, but they will also take the toys into school to play with. Therefore, other children will see them which will make them aware that the movie has been released and they will also ask their parents to buy them the toys too. As a result, your customer base will grow immensely over a short period of time. Additionally, not only will children who saw the movie feel and emotional connection to the characters and ask their parents to buy these toys, but there are also adults who were the original viewers of the first Toy Story in 1995 who will buy the toys as a result of nostalgia. 
Licensing Toys From Movies - Toy Story Shows How

In Conclusion

Licensing toys is a great idea! It gives you more control over who can distribute your products, as well as helping to develop a loyal customer base from an early age that will continue to buy your products in the future. To make the most out of licensing toys, you need to plan when and where you offer them, as well as which retailers can sell them. For example, you need to ensure you collaborate with retailers who share your values to maintain a good level of corporate responsibility to keep customers satisfied.

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