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Pokemon Ties Up With McDonald's For Their Custom Toys

Pokemon, also known as Pocket Monster in Japan, seeks to acquire a decent chunk of the total viewership for cartoons. They intend to be known worldwide. Even if the brand is widely known, movie marketers are not too complacent and they all know that they could still improve the show's marketing. Therefore, they tapped McDonald's for a partnership in which the fast-food giant would release Pokemon custom toys in their happy meal.

Pokemon Ties Up With McDonald's For Their Custom Toys

Kids love McDonald's happy meal because these meals come with different toys. This gift with purchase marketing campaign is simple but efficient. Hence, a lot of brands are still using this kind of branding strategy

Why Do We Love Spiderman's Promotional Toys?

  • Customisable  - Pokemon did a really good job at customisation as they've created toys out of their characters. And these toys are of high-quality and accuracy. It's really good and everyone loves it. Their toys do not look cheap and as it's made from quality materials.
  • Creative - The concept is exceptional. The marketers behind Pokemon know that their target market are kids and kids at heart. Hence, they've partnered up with McDonald's and offered their custom toys as a promo gift for McDonald's Happy Meal.
  • Variety - Lastly, Pokemon and Mcdonald's offer a variety of toys. It's not just a simple marketing gift but a collectible promo. This is really beneficial because this encourages customers to eat at Mcdonalds to complete the set. And at the same time, Pokemon gets the attention they need.
Overall, this collaboration between these giant brands is perfect. Both brands are being promoted and benefit from this partnership.

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