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Promo Toys: PJ Mask Teams Up With Enfagrow To Promote Their Show

PJ Masks cartoon is taking over the entertainment scene like a storm. A lot of kids watch the show, talk about the show, etc. We are pretty sure that Cartoon Network is raking some serious cash from this hit show. But with all the success, the brands still keeps on working on their marketing campaigns. Recently, our team spotted an amazing collaboration between PJ Masks and  Enfagrow. The marketing team for PJ Masks offers promo toys as an in-pack promo to their customers. 

Promo Toys: PJ Mask Teams Up With Enfagrow To Promote Their Show

PJ Masks Promo Toys

These toys are a fun promo gift that can be used as an on-pack promo which targets their preferred audience - children.

Available in different PJ Masks famous characters, these toys will surely keep your children entertained. The toys are made from non-toxic material which is safe for kids.

Why are these promo toys make good on pack promo items?

  • Raise Brand Awareness and Increase Brand Sales - Promotional toys are an excellent way to get your brand out to the public. Through these marketing giveaways, PJ Masks will have more exposure and at the same time, Enfagrow would attract more customers.
  • Customisable - Toys are highly customisable. It can be made from different materials which would entirely depend on your theme and marketing budget. If you want to see more promo toys, check out this link: Why Use Promotional Plastic Construction Toys for Your Next Project
Promo Toys: PJ Mask Teams Up With Enfagrow To Promote Their Show

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