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Lego Batman The Movie Wows Everyone With Their Custom Standee

Lego Batman The Movie informs movie fanatics of their newest movie installment through this incredible custom standee. The marketing team of the movie strategically placed these standees at various cinemas across Asia. 

Well, what makes this promotional item more interesting is its structure. Incredibly, this standee is actually interactive. The team behind the movie's marketing assures everyone that this isn't just your typical movie marketing. Instead of the traditional 2D retail display standee, they've created something that is interactive. 

Lego Batman The Movie Wows Everyone With Their Custom Standee

Movie-goers may revolve the standee and match the head, body, and legs of the characters. They can even go wild and match it the body of another character. This creates a totally new character!

Why do we think this custom standee from Lego Batman is amazing?

  • Creative and Fun - Admittedly, I had so much fun revolving the standee. It successfully got everyone's attention and it made us spent several minutes interacting with it. Therefore, we highly recommend this custom standee as it is really effective when it comes to catching everyone attention.
  • Customisable - Obviously, standees are highly customisable. This is the reason why a lot of movie marketing teams utilise this kind of promotion. It's easy, promising, and effective.
  • Full Branding - We love how the team brands these custom cardboard standups at every angle. Printing the major characters on the standee helps a lot with the promotion. As a result, customers immediately recognise the movie even from afar. 
Overall, we adore this creative promotional campaign from The Lego Barman The Movie. It brings excitement to every movie fanatic. This type of standee leaves a good impression with everyone. 

If you would like to create your first-ever standee, feel free to contact us. Also, our team of experts is always ready to answer all your manufacturing and marketing queries.

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