Monday 10 October 2016

Free Captain America Sandwich Box by Lady's Choice

Lady's Choice recently advertised with a free Captain America sandwich box as a On-Pack promotion.

The movies about Captain America were really successful in the cinemas. Originated is this fictional super hero by Marvel Comics.

The stories about Captain America were spread through this comic into a broad target group in different countries and got a part of many childhoods.
Captain America was designed as a patriotically super-soldier who fought the axis powers and the war.

Lady's Choice used the popularity of this super-soldier to promote their brand. The Promotion with a Gift with Purchase of a sandwich box is great, as this is directly connectable with the product itself.

A sandwich box is being used every day and will gain a lot of attention by current and potential costumers. Such a On-Pack Promotion is because of this reasons a great idea to gain an increase to your brand and company and to attract the costumers with an incentive product.

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