Thursday 13 August 2015

Fantastic Flaming Drone Marketing for Fantastic 4

As part of the marketing campaign for the new Fantastic 4 movie,"viral video agency" Thinkmodo has created a human shaped flaming drone. The film was shot at the Nassau County's Fire Service Academy. On set to help manage the stunt were 10 firefighters and two chiefs with access to fire trucks, water, CO2 and gas masks, alongside the professionals operating the drone.

Fantastic Flaming Drone Marketing for Fantastic 4  
Drones are a fantastic way of marketing, these little gadgets can be bought cheaply nowadays and are increasingly popular with children as well as avid users, though they favour more expensive hi-tech drones. In the case of Thinkmodo, this is not the first time they've used drones as part of a movie's marketing campaign, they previously used human shaped drones flying around New York to promote 'Chronicle'. 
Fantastic Flaming Drone Marketing for Fantastic 4  
Since it has been noticed by such a large amount of people movie attendance is likely to be higher. The competitive nature of the film industry requires marketers to be creative in order to get attention from fans which they were successful with in this case.

Please see below for the exciting video, and if you're interested in interesting marketing ideas or promotional campaigns please be sure to contact us.

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