Thursday 18 June 2015

Win your own Minion-themed merchandise with this giveaway

When Despicable Me was released in 2010 it wasn't the main character that became the symbol of the movie. Instead it was the small minions which belonged to evil mastermind Gru. These small, yellow things became incredibly popular among the fans. When the movie studio decided to create the latest sequel they realized that, and made a movie focused on them. Minions will be released later this year and a lot of companies have already jumped on the bandwagon by releasing minion-related merchandise. Companies such as McDonald's and Kinder are having giveaways and promotions based on the movie. Weekender - a website based out of Singapore are having a competition where customers can win beachballs and other merchandise.

Win your own Minion-themed merchandise with this giveaway
This is a good and timely giveaway. We are currently in the middle of summer and a lot of people spend their spare time at the beach. With a giveaway such as this - the brand name will get a lot of awareness since it will be exposed to a large audience. The movie will be released in a few weeks and promotions such as this are a good way of getting people's attention.

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