Monday 8 June 2015

Giveaway as a promotion for the new Jurassic World movie

Even if Jurassic Park was released over a decade ago, it's merchandise still sells well. With the sequel, Jurassic World, coming up - many toy companies have realized the potential in this and have produced lines of products related to the movie. As a marketing campaign - the website Collider have decided to give these toys away in a competition.

Giveaway as promotion for the new Jurassic World movie

This type of promotion is a good way of raising attention for all parties involved, including the movie, the website and the toys company. It's also a cheap marketing tactic which will then increase sales once the movie is released. Toys companies and other manufacturers often give items away to websites and in return get their brand promoted. This is often done before they release their products for sale for extra awareness.

The gift packaging of the toy will also increase perceived value and give more space for advertisement. 

These pre-release promotions have created additional buzz for an already well-anticipated movie.

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