Tuesday 16 June 2015

As Above So Below movie giveaway

After the release of As Above So Below, a horror movie based in the catacombs beneath Paris. The website 'Cinetv' decided to have a giveaway of products related to the movie. The prices included a waterproof backpack and a t-shirt with the logo and name of the movie on them. Fans hoping to win these items had to enter a competition on their website.

As Above So Below movie giveaway
This type of competition and giveaway is a good way of increasing awareness of your brand. It will give attention to both the website and the movie, which is why movie studios often hand these types of items out to different competitions. By having a name or logo on the product it works as a type of advertisement. Since these products are cheap and lasts for a long time they will give a high ROI. These reasons make them a popular promotional product and used by many companies in their marketing campaigns.

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